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Direct Debit Information - Gocardless

Please find below details of the New Direct Debit Process and the details of the Payment breakdown and costs.

New Direct Debit Process

The Club are using a new service provider this year (Gocardless) for membership subscriptions paid by direct debit.

Any member wishing to make use of this facility will need to complete a bank mandate form.

Please click HERE and you will be directed to the direct debit mandate form to be completed, requesting the following information: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address

Or if you wish to use a company name click “or use a company name”  And enter company name and email address

  • Your sort code (6 digits) and your bank name will be displayed
  • Your account number (8 digits)
  • Post code  -   and a list of addresses will be displayed - select your address from the list

Then click green box “Set up direct debit”

You will be asked to confirm details

Once confirmed you will receive a message “Direct debit set up successfully Gocardless will appear on your bank statement when payments are taken against this direct debit.” With a green tick symbol above.

You will also receive a confirmation email from Gocardless

Any Questions please contact the Office.

Membership Subscription Payment by Direct Debit

Following the problems experienced by both members and the club we have decided to use an alternative service provider for the coming membership subscription renewal, this includes all members currently paying by direct debit. In an ideal world we would have taken this back under the control of the club but due to regulations and the need to be FCA registered, which is both costly in terms of both time and money, we will be using “Gocardless” a company that has been recommended by an existing club member.

 Whilst we will be using a third party service provider as a club we will have more control of the process and members will only have to complete one new bank mandate which will remain in force until membership ceases or cancelled by the member. Unfortunately there are costs associated with using this service provided and instead of the £15 charged by Magnum Credit there will be a fee of 1% of total cost that will have to be included in membership costs.

 We will this year be spreading the cost over 11 months instead of 10 as in previous years. Process will, therefore, be as follows.

Bank mandates will be completed during February by all members wishing to spread the cost of their membership over 11 months.
On 1st April payment will be taken to cover the following costs.

  • Bar card - as appropriate
  • Competition card - as appropriate
  • Council contribution £10 - as appropriate
  • Golf union fees
  • 6% DD Credit fees
  • Plus Additional 1% to cover Gocardless costs

Commencing 1st May and for the following 9 months one tenth of the remaining membership elements including.

  • Membership subscription
  • Locker rental (where applicable)
  • Buggy compound rental (where applicable)
  • 6% DD Credit fees
  • Plus Additional 1% to cover Gocardless costs

As this is a new system that we will be using no doubt there will be teething problems and we would ask for both your patience and assistance by completing the bank mandate as early as possible but in any case before the end of February to enable us to complete the set up of the various DD plans. In addition we would ask that you email the club to confirm that you have completed the bank mandate in order that we can ensure that all mandates have been properly accepted into the system prior to the first DD payments being taken on 1st April.

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