Hinckley Golf Club

Course Handicap Table

A Course Handicap will determine the number of strokes a player will receive when playing from any set of tees on a given course. Before any player starts their round they must convert their Handicap Index into a Course Handicap.

Please click on link below to access the Hinckley Golf Club 'Course Handicap Table'.

Hinckley Golf Club: Course Handicap Table

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Alternate Method to find your Course Handicap:

If you have the ‘My EG’ App it easy to find your Course Handicap:

  • Open the App and Select ‘more’ (bottom right)
  • Select : ‘WHS Course Handicap Calculator’ option
  • This will list clubs near you or you can enter the club name in the search bar.
  • The next screen will show you your Handicap Index and Course Handicap for all the courses at that club (with both 18H, 9H and Gender options)

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