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10th July, 2018


In a game changing move, Hinckley Golf Club breaks with long held tradition and opens their prestigious Payne Cup for all members to compete.

On Saturday 14th July, Hinckley Golf Club will hold a competition like they never have in a bold first time move towards equality. The event, sponsored by Paynes Garages of Hinckley is, for the first time in its extensive history, open to lady, senior and junior members – now all eligible to compete for one first place prize.

The move has been met with warm applause by the membership and the wider community, with Charles Harlock of Paynes stating, “We were delighted to hear that for the first time since its inception, the Payne Cup will be open to ALL members. We sincerely hope that this leads to even more all-inclusive events in the future to help nurture and develop the Golf Club even further. May the best Golfer win!”

Hinckley Golf Club’s Lady Captain for 2018, Sandra Baum, added, “This is the first time that a competition is open to all members to win a place on a single honours board. All the ladies are really looking forward to this new and inclusive experience, and look forward to more competitions, and Clubs, following suit.”

With this bright new and inclusive outlook set for the season, it is hoped that other Golf Clubs in the Midlands, and beyond, take note of this big move by a little Club and real change in the game will be embraced by all those who have that one thing in common – a love of Golf. 

4th July, 2018


It's been a hot month! With a near-record breaking June seeing temperatures soar to 29 degrees, it came as no surprise to many when Brits were urged nationwide to curb their water consumption habits, with the likes of hosepipe bans and 3 minute showers, in a bid to conserve supplies. 

Of course, for us as a Golf Club, water (and in vast quantities) is an essential part of keeping our course healthy and in great condition for our players throughout the season, and it is a testament to our greens team that they have been well prepared for our current heatwave. 

Drawing much needed water from our own borehole, a narrow pipe feeding into the ground, to access naturally occuring aquifers, permeable underground rocks which collect transient water, we were able to administer a massive 1 MILLION litres of water to our course over the month of June.

When you compare this figure to May, where we used a 'mere' 400,000 litres of water, you can see just how much of an impact this summer scorcher has really had! 

And to top it all off, we've now received a personal thank you from Severn Trent for our efforts (see Facebook post below). 

So next time you're on the course, let the greens staff know their hard work is appreciated. And long may this summer continue! (With perhaps a little sprinkling of rain along the way).

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